The last two decades of work have reinforced our idea that we are here to help our clients get their ideas built. The collaborative efforts between our clients and us allow
Gates Architectural Design the opportunity to incorporate the clients’ ideas and wishes into the total design experience. Our goal is to create beautiful, functional structures that will be enjoyed for years to come. We believe that successful architecture is the combination of the owner’s ideas, based on their personal experiences and housing accommodations, and GAD's ability to help them transform those ideas into the reality of a complete design plan from which the contractor can build.


We at Gates Architectural Design have spent the last twenty-plus years helping homeowners transform their "old" homes into “new” homes. Renovating the existing house, building an addition or even designing a new house from scratch can bring about this transformation. Our clients' ideas may come from their own sense of nostalgia, from homes they’ve seen while on vacation, or from the collaborative efforts incorporating new ideas from the unexplored depths of our clients' and GAD's combined creativity.


Roofing and waterproofing problems have plagued many of our clients for decades. Gates Architectural Design has been helping our clients resolve their roofing and waterproofing issues for both commercial and residential structures. Our services can start with the preparation of a roof analysis, or may be expanded to include the preparation of design and construction documents. Public bid projects even include the observation and documentation of construction through the completion of the project. The level of service can be tailored to suit the owner’s needs. The roof design work can range from repairs to the removal and replacement of the roof system, and in some cases the recovering of the existing roof with a new roof system. If the necessary conditions exist, a new liquid applied membrane system can be installed over an existing roof, avoiding the need for demolition. The recovering process itself will maintain a waterproof condition during application. For clients who are unsure of the condition of their roof or building envelope, but are interested in evaluating their building with respect to a master plan for their maintenance projects, they can contact GAD. We will then evaluate the existing roof system and building envelope, and prepare a Roof Analysis Report.


Having grown up around water, Gates Architectural Design understands the connection between the client and the water. Whether it involves making changes to or designing an addition to an existing home, or even designing a new one, we know how important it is to bring the outdoors in and/or create structural elements that will maximize water views from outside the home. We optimize waterfront views by moving wallsand doorways to align the view from the windows, maximizing glass on the appropriate walls, and adding decks and balconies off of multiple rooms as well as rooftop decks where feasible. Any of these features can be designed to be the main element that drives home the idea that this property is about the water.


Being successful in business not only requires the astute day-to-day operation of the business, but also the ability to guide the business through ever-changing times. Related to the physical and tactile aspects of the business, it may become necessary to renovate the existing facility. Such changes might include expanding, or even reducing, its size or enhanciing the facility's functionality. The design and construction of a new facility may even be necessary. Gates Architectural Design can help the client with complete planning services, from conceptual design to zoning analysis, or the preparation of construction documents for the new facility. For clients who desire assistance during construction, we can also provide comprehensive contract administrative services throughout the entire construction process.


Structural design includes Foundation Plans for new modular homes as well as for houses that are being raised to meet flood elevation requirements. Piling Plans can be prepared for structures near the coast, and if necessary, Helical Piling Plans for structure being built / re-built in areas of poor soil. In some cases, simple Underpinning of existing foundations can make an existing foundation adequate to support a second floor addition, otherwise referred to as an Add-A-Level. Many foundations in the Sussex County area often require pinning to the existing ledgerock.